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CAP-PAC Group shot showing beverage holder
CAP-PAC Group shot showing handheld sign

Cap-Pac Australia

What is Cap-Pac?

What is Cap-Pac?

CAP PAC™ is a new, innovative and sustainable promotional product tailored for events. Designed to increase uptake and widening the appeal of brands promotional products, by offering multiple fun, interactive and useful products for the consumer.


The configuration of the Sign, Drinks Carrier and detachable Sun Visor fitting around each other fully utilises the material - and all being made from a single sheet of FSC certified card, making them cheap to deliver and easy to distribute at the events.


Sustainability was at the forefront whilst developing the CAP PAC™ products, Taking into consideration the impact of our whole supply chain and lifecycle of our product, CAP PAC™ aims to have a positive impact on fans, events, brands and most importantly our planet.






Multiple Branded Products • Large Visual Impact

Multi-international Award winning • Useful for consumers

Quality Material • Increased Promotional Uptake

Ideal for Event Environment • Cost effective

Cap-Pac Styles

Cap-Pac Optons
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